Knowledge Management

Our Mission is to listen, understand and document the ground realities of this SABL policy initiative. Basing our research on a coalition of views from traditional and community leaders, forestry experts academics, politicians and civil servants, along with the help and assistance of national and international NGO's.

There is a range of complexities when engaging in debate and dialogue with power structures from a grass roots organizations and campaigns level. The primary challenge can be a human resource one when people leave so does their knowledge and understanding. One of the main pillars of Canopy Watch is to capture this transferable knowledge and make it available to communities.

Canopy Watch endeavors to visualize and record the experience and knowledge gain and to share the understanding for the sole purpose of creating better-informed communities and policy makers with the sole purpose of creating smarter system management for the last Pacific lowland forests

We have compiled this website as a knowledge base documenting the Commission of Inquiry investigations into SABLs and covering the dialogue of this policy in Papua New Guinea.