Canopy Watch Network

Acknowledgments and Support

Canopy Watch is dependent on customary landowners sharing their experiences to inform better others who were facing the same procedural disenfranchisement of their customary lands.

Canopy Watch wishes to thank the representatives of companies; industry/trade associations; regulatory and other public sector bodies; NGOs; community-based organisations and certifying agencies; researchers/academics; and independent consultants who kindly gave their time to participate in interviews as well as supplying information and documentation to build a reference and support network.

We wish particularly to thank Tom ‘Diwai’ Vigus for his continuous oversight. Dr. Leavesley at Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Papua New Guinea of his insight and support with fieldwork in New Hanover and New Ireland. And Sam Moko forest campaigner formerly with Greenpeace now with the United Nations for his continuous support, allowing Canopy Watch to operate with some continuity after Greenpeace’s exit from Papua New Guinea.

We make every effort to reference the input of others correctly and make readily available our archive to workshops in Papua New Guinea generally via memory stick, which said, we recognize that some data gathering from communities can leave us uncertain as to who to credit. In light of this, I have to extend my thanks for the trust and support extended to me personally and our team when building the Canopy Watch Archive.